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Musings about Identity Musings

Musings is intended to provide an additional perspective on issues related to the creation, use and privacy of identities. There are any number of interesting discussions on consumer identity, Internet identities or just plain Identity 2.0, and I will happily provide you with the benefits of my prejudice on these topics.

However, there are other aspects of identity that I find interesting. Enterprises often have a different perspective on how identities are regarded and this raises interesting opportunity for discussions about who owns these electronic representations live sex cameras, how live sex vidieos they are used and how (hopefully) they are protected.

How do identity providers come to be trusted? Why have there been so few successes creating trusted and general identity providers? Why is it that the discussion (with a few notable exceptions) about identities so rapidly descends to debates about mechanisms and misses the fundamental (and much harder) problems that generally fall under the headings of “trust” or “privacy”.

Hopefully you will find some topics worth picking up that you can help me explore.


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